• 5 Hertz Employees Fired From Work For Muslim Prayers

    October 22, 2011 8:30 am 10 comments
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  • Another affront to freedom of religion has been realized in Seattle, Washington.  5 Muslims were singled out for taking approximately ten-minute prayer breaks throughout the day.  It is a required staple of Muslim tradition to pray five times a day and yet we have another example of liberals texturing laws in such a way that religion is oppressed.

    In report it seems Hertz quickly changed its policies to make it necessary to clock-out for any groups wanting to do prayer.  This was not the case before and people who take breaks, for say –smoking– have purportedly not been fired even though they constantly take smoking breaks without clocking out.

    It has become far too common for Americans to accept oppression of religion.  These Muslim Americans are practicing their Constitutional right to gather and pray before God.  Why do liberals rejoice about hearing stories like this?  It is because they are unfairly anti-religion and seek to destroy it, which is no different than actively working to remove a person’s Constitutional right.

    Today it will be Muslims, then tomorrow, proper Christians.  The liberals seek to destroy all major religion in America and make it a practice relegated to the secret of home basements and under cover of night.  Many of our founding fathers fled England to have freedom of religion, now we see once again the elitists are destroying that precious concept.


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