• 8 Scary Halloween Costumes and 5 Nice Ones

    October 28, 2011 10:53 pm 52 comments

    Halloween can be a great time. A time to dress up, kids can go door to door hoping for religious tracts and homemade treats from strangers. However the costume you pick can either be very scary or just fun. Here are some 2011 examples.

    Scary Costumes

    Muammar Gaddafi

    Once alive, now dead. Muslims are scary either way.

    Casey Anthony

    How many horror movies involve babysitters? In this movie, the babysitter is the horror.

    Steve Jobs

    Communist? Check. Dead? Check. Hipster? Check. Scary? Check.

    Amy Winehouse

    What’s more scary than a drugged up alcoholic? A dead one.

    Amanda Knox

    Forget the Beautiful Eyes. No one likes drug fueled lesbian sex orgy games. Beware.

    Osama bin Laden

    George Bush may have Killed him, but he still frightens me.

    Anders Breivik

    Europeans are scary.

    Michael Jackson

    No real need to say anything. Every parent’s nightmare when you see one of these at Chuck E Cheese.

    Friendly Costumes


    Ghosts can be friendly. Casper, is that you?


    Every American loves space and spaceships, you can be one too.


    This looks to be the nicest alien there is. A white hat would look nice if its cold.

    Ice Cream

    Nothing wrong with ice cream.

    Harry Potter

    Everybody loves Harry Potter, why not dress as magical wizards?


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