• 8,000 Foot Lubbock Dust Storm, Massive Haboob Ransacks Community

    October 18, 2011 3:41 pm 7 comments

    Lubbock, Texas – An massive 8,000 foot Lubbock dust storm has people asking, “What has Texas done to get this wrath brought upon themselves?”

    The massive 8,000 pillar descended over Lubbock, Texas, and choked the community with awe and fear of how weak humans are in the face of God’s wrath. New York was gripped with similar fear when a massive hurricane caused billions of dollars worth of damage to the city responsible for massive outburts of gay marriage.

    In Texas they call these storms ‘haboobs’.

    Yesterday’s haboob was caused by an ‘unusual and mysterious’ cold front that was able to ‘coalesce and pack into a fiery sand tsunami’.

    Shocked city spokesman Jeff McKito said of the storm, “Everything just turned black!”

    People were too scared to flee and even get of their cars. McKito said, “You don’t want to get out of your in this situation.”

    The airport in Lubbock had to be abandoned as well, as great pillars of fire descended from the sky and what one bewildered aircraft controller reported as, ‘A massive hand ripping right from the heavens and toppling over a 747.’

    No deaths were reported from this outburst but this storm occurred right at the the very moment protestors held a massive riot in attempts to legalize gay marriage in Texas. This should be all the evidence needed to know that God does not approve of gay marriage. Let the Lubbock, Texas, dust storm remind everyone of that simple fact.

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