• After the Saudi Arabian Assassination Plot, Must America Invade Iran?

    October 14, 2011 3:58 am 22 comments
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  • Vice President Joe Biden has now admitted what the GOP has been saying for over a decade: Iran is a country that must be destroyed and the world must united to overthrow the corrupt government is the Islamic nation.

    Many people scoffed when United States President George W. Bush listed Iran as an ‘Axis of Evil’ nation, Obama making a point to extend olive branches to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Iran’s leader, only days into his presidency. Iran used that opportunity to express threats to America and as always, their modus operandi has not changed. Iran is a violent, subversive nation that consistently attempts and supports acts of terror against the US and its allies.

    The most recent Iranian terror plot was aimed to sour world relations and destroy the flow of oil. Iran planned to blow up a restaurant in Washington, DC, and assassinate Saudi Arabia’s ambassador to the United States. US intelligence officials were fortunately able to learn of this plot through happenstance, after terror chatter was detected in Mexico as a dual-citizen of the US and Iran was being contacted by his brother, in the Iranian government, in a secret place within Mexico.

    The terror act was being called in from Ahmadenijad and was going to be a direct attack on Washington, DC, as well as Saudi Arabia. Officials report Iranians stated in the terror chatter: “this attack will spark a wave of hundreds of endless attacks against America, in her markets and in the homes of her politicians.”

    The plot was nothing less than a declaration of war against America. The United States of America must strike back and our allies must support us. Saudi Arabia is already rightfully calling for swift action against Iran and the nation must have its Imams and Revolutionary Guard overthrown. Ahmadinejad must be brought before international tribunal.

    Vice President Joseph Biden is now trying to rally the Democrats to do what Republicans have known must be done for a long time: invasion. Iran must not simply be occupied, it must be dominated. The mistake in Iraq and Afghanistan does not need repeated: the US should be the muscle of the operation.

    A sustained one month strike by the United States on Iran will completely destroy any advanced military ability of the terror nation. The government can be overthrown, just like in Iraq. But after the US flexes its military might, its prudent the police action and executive legwork be given to the UN. Being from an area of geographically tight countries, the Europeans and also Russians are far more better equipped to police Iran as the US sets up an oversite committee to see after Iran’s natural resources such as oil and ensure the well-being of the citizens in the nation who only want peace.

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