• Alcohol is Killing 43% of Russian Men

    October 3, 2011 3:23 am 54 comments
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  • In startling new reports, it’s revealed that over 43% of Russian men are prone to alcohol-related deaths.The life expectancy for Russian men is already at only 59 years of age. Some reports indicate this number may drop below 58.

    One of the biggest contributing factors is the choice of drink of many Russian men, various concoctions of alcohol. Many of these concoctions are reported to include alcohol based liquids, not even meant for human consumption, such as perfumes, cleansers, aftershave and cologne.

    Heavy drinking of such liquids, especially those with harsh alcoholic content, can quickly lead to things such as heart disease, alcohol poisoning, deadly accidents, liver failure/disease and so on.


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    Alcohol Causes 43% of Deaths in Russian Men

    Bloomberg-Clip – (BLOOM-Clip)

    Jun. 15, 2007. 12:00 PM EST

    9,456 Russian Men Died From Alcohol Between 2003-2010

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