• Andy Biebersack and the Black Veiled Brides: Knives and Pens Explained

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    Song Meanings with Daniel Nordgren
    Song:  Knives and Pens
    Artist: Andy Biebersack and the Black Veiled Brides
    Genre: Post-Hardcore Apocalypse, Screamo, Metalcore, Emopunk

    Today I received assignment to review a strange new Kiss-replica band named the Black Veiled Brides.  Headed by a man calling himself Andy Biebersack, likely due to him being a huge fan of Justin Bieber, this band’s similarities to Kiss stop at the big makeup and outlandish fashion boots.

    What Kiss had in pure, raw masculinity and promiscuity, this band has an equal amount in veiled estrogen femininity.  Not since the band Hanson have I’ve seen a group of performers be so comfortable looking like girls and still able to play their instruments quite well despite odd appearance.

    The song I was ordered to review is Knives and Pens, apparently the first ballad of persuasion crafted by this band.  After prayer to ward off possible demon possession, as warned by Pastor Jbox, I took headphones to head and analyzed this song several times.  I used spectral analysis filters on my computer to test for standard demonic noises, common in other bands such as Black Sabbath, Metallica and Rammstein.

    The results of my study are astounding, if not frightening.

    Warning:  The following music video contains the voice renderings of the potentially possessed.  If not strong of faith, please only review with a pastor or priest present.  Please pray and ensure children and women are well removed from earshot before reviewing.

    Alone at last, we can sit and fight.
    And I’ve lost all faith in this blurring light,

    Until the 1:07 mark, the band sounds just like any other teenage rebellion band. Their lyrics are all apocolyptic and speaking of a pessimistic world view. They are post-apocalypse apologists, remember, so they feel the entire world is against them because it is not possible to wear all black and do chants on the street-corner, all while and painting your face white and wielding knives without scaring society at large.

    The blurring light Biebersac refers to is the light of Christianity. The band’s name is a play on Catholicism, the black veiled bride of immorality being that of Satan. In another song by this band, they call themselves ‘The Fallen Angels’. A quick review of the Bible details the story of how angels were once seen falling from heaven, as God chucked them into the fiery pits of hell for the very type of rebellion we’re seeing in these Black Veiled Brides and their fangirls.

    At the 1:07 mark, however, a chill shot up my spine. An Osborne Curve appeared on my spectral analysis and it became apparent that the same demon that manifests within Ozzy Osborne, allowing his mumbled, drug-induced speech slurs to turn powerful and intelligible once singing on stage, takes over this Biebersac. It is a voice-coder demon, often called a ‘vocoder’ in the screamo/possession music industry genre.

    The raw power of hell is unleashed and the lyrics “BUT STAY RIGHT HERE” is Satan helping them stand strong against our prayers and exoricism. Statistics from the New York diocese reports demon possessions are rare, but when they are encountered the afflicted are usually wearing all black and face paint, much like this band the Black Veiled Bride army all eerily worship.

    The band confesses they know it’s not right to defy Christian authority. “WE’RE STORMING THROUGH THIS, DESPITE WHAT’s RIGHT”. Notice how their lyrics are all in capital letters. When followers of this band are communicating and are possessed with a demon, they will use all capital letters so they know if it’s the human host or the evil spirit doing the talking. Take note of this fact in any discussion session involving this band. Despite what is right, they will continue to do evil sins.

    Let’s look at the next lyrics:

    One final fight, for this tonight.
    With knives and pens we made our plight.

    Lay your heart down the ends in sight.
    Conscience begs for you to do what’s right.
    One final fight, for this tonight.

    With knives and pens, they’ve made their plight. It’s no secret that Twilight films inspired this new wave of vampirism goths we’re seeing today. To put it in a way that potentially simple college children who are reading can understand it: if Metallica is Sean Connery and Rammstein Arnold Schwarzenegger, Black Veiled Brides would be the dainty Edward Cullen in the threesome.

    The band is soft in appearance and slight of build. There normal singing voices use the same octaves popularized by the artist Justin Bieber. It’s quite apparent: the Black Veiled Brides are copycat artists, modeling themselves after Justin Bieber with a twist. It’s not uncommon for bands to have role models and the fact that the singer is calling himself Andy Biebersack (real birth name, Andy Six) is cute in a way, until you realize that they are possessed and in need of saving from themselves.

    The knives and pens represent many things: rage, murder, tattoos against a parent’s firm warnings and wishes. This song is a call to arms, a call for suburban children to betray their nice lifestyles afforded to them by hardworking parents and teachers who enforce much needed discipline, for knife attacks. Anyone can join in: sharp knives are not a requirement, per the song’s ‘dull knife’ reference.

    One final fight, for this tonight.
    With knives and pens we made our plight.

    Lay your heart down the ends in sight.
    Conscience begs for you to do what’s right.
    One final fight, for this tonight.

    In this final stanza, we see talk of taking flight at night. Again, this is refernce to vampirism. We’ve all seen the Dracula films: the vampire takes his flight at nighttime and lays down the hearts of the innocent as they rest. Such are the sultry whispers of Satan, manifesting in the brains of children long after late night music sessions have ended.

    Friends, we have a new cult in our midst. This new screamo genre is very terrifying and more addictive than all the hippie rock music of the bereft 1960s.

    The song Knives and Pens terrified me. The odd sounds, the screaching guitars the piercing stares from the icy blue, vidid eyes of Andy. It just sent chills through my body and made my knees wobble. I’ve never felt such things before.

    Song: Knives and Pens by Andy Biebersack and The Black Veiled Brides
    Moral Rating: S for Sinister (blood vampire references, non-Christian apocalypse references, Osborn-calibre demon manifests at 1:07 and throughout, enticing body gyrations, rock guitar, men wearing makeup, gothic clothing, cuss words, encourages teenage rebellion against parents, knife violence)

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