• Are Science Centers a Liberal Conspiracy to Turn YOUR Children Into Homosexuals?

    October 30, 2011 11:33 pm 32 comments

    In all big cities nowadays there are science centers. What is a science center, my Good, Christian Comrades? A science center is a piece of atheist propaganda using bright colors and experiments to attract children to their sinful ways. It is a well known fact that science is a atheist lie that promotes and is rooted in homosexuality. Also, as we know, big cities are the most sinful place for a Christian to live. So it makes sense that a science center would be in a big city, because sins are attracted to each other like you and me to Jesus.

    The influx of science centers is fairly recent, and correlates to the influx of homogays. It’s also a fact that 96% of homosexuals grew up in big cities, and that 100% of the small town homosexuals visited big cities regularly. The bright colors appeal to the children, and it is a fact that all homosexuals are obsessed with bright colors, and the next time you go to a pride parade, look at the colors the homogays and there enablers wear.

    If you’ve ever had the terrifying experience of going to one of these h*llholes, you’ll notice that they are all very architectuarally “creative”. It is a well known statistic that 94% of architects support homogays and often build buildings intended to please somdomites. Many science centers have lots of windows, so that the homosexuals can masturbate to the flying Men outside. The children are lured by the masturbation and see how much pleasure the homosexuals are having, and then start masturbating to the flying Men themselves, turning them into homogays and failing our future.

    Science centers also give children false information created as homosexual propoganda. Myths such as evolution, physics and biology are perpetuated at these places and that’s terrible. All of the employees are socially awkward autistic atheist teenagers who believe these myths and are too non-conformist to understand the fallacies in science. Science is a homosexual institution and I will not stand for this mind control against our children.

    So, to all my fellow Good Christian Men, let’s boycott these institutions, because we know what’s best for this world and don’t want our society to fail to the homogay sodomist regime!

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