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    October 12, 2011 8:01 pm 11 comments

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    It is foretold that our Lord Joshua, son of Joseph, will return upon a steed, wielding a blazing sword as he rides through a river a blood. Evildoers will be struck down left and right, be they of the devil or of man. Miracle after miracle will be performed, and we will all inherit the benevolence of a just, and righteous god.

    Yet, I fear that there will be nothing left for Him to return for. As I type this opinionated piece, I find myself recoiling at the idea that he may not return for his ever so faithful followers. Look at his life as written in the good book. He hated the pious wealthy. To him, they were lower than a whore with leprosy. Indeed, he’d give his life for that whore before doing so for an upstanding, successful, God-fearing denizen of the church.

    If you aren’t willing to make the connection I’m trying to lay out, I’ll say it plain. Yeshua bin Yosef, known widely as Jesus Christ, was a Jewish Commie. Who knows how many good doctors he put out of practice by healing the sick for free. (Biblical Obama care?) He cares nothing for private enterprise, as depicted when he lost his temper (which is nothing to scoff at considering he wields the power of God) because there were money changers in a synagogue.

    He does everything he can to help the sinners! Whores, addicts, thieves, and whoever else who wouldn’t set foot in a church were given preferential treatment! So, sinners get affirmative action?! What about the pious, God-fearing men and women? If we get to heaven, will we see pimps, and drug dealers in the seats that should be filled with our pastors, and priests?

    So, it is my expert opinion, as a Christian, that were Jesus to be resurrected and enter our country illegally, he should be apprehended, and either charge with conspiracy to commit terrorism, and Communist sedition or deported to Israel.

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    Narius I am the ravenous. Give unto me your rage, and hatred. Let it buoy my burning spirit, and be a balm to my bitter soul. Oh, God, have mercy on mine enemies, for I have none.

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