• Baby Lisa’s Parents Make Explosive New Confessions on Fox News

    October 17, 2011 2:51 pm 1 comment
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  • Weeks ago another missing child case was opened up in Kansas City, Missouri. This time the child is named Baby Lisa and the media circle surrounding the case has grown faster than the stench around the #OccopyWallStreet protesters.

    Let’s face it, we live in a buzzard society and cases like these will always get Big Media involved.  There is scandal and speculation to be made.  So far, from several pictures and short, canned video clips of visibly fatigued parents have given people thousands of miles away to dictate the ‘guilt’ of the parents, based on body language, pictures and speculation.  Just think about that.  That’s considered news these days.  It’s pathetic.

    What’s not so pathetic is hearing the parents speak.  Think and speculate what you will, but in the United States people are innocent until proven guilty.  The simple fact in this case, and something anyone but a sick moron will agree with, is that we would like to see this baby back home.

    If the parents are guilty of the unthinkable, hopefully it would show up in due time.  If the parents are guilty, the fate of the child is likely dismal.  If not, the baby still has a hope and chance.  So let’s hope this is going to be a happy family reunion for the family and that a bunch of media pundits will eat shut-up pie for at least five minutes.

    Being a paid journalist, I have to be a hypocrite now and play a video from the contracted archive on the case.  At least the parents are providing some new details in this video from Fox News and to date, there is a new suspect who has been taken into custody.

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