• Barack and Michelle Obama Handing Out Star Wars Flesh Wraps at your Child’s School!

    October 19, 2011 5:36 am 29 comments

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    Whammo!  Evidence:

    It is a perverted union of Maury Povic baby daddy dances and Jewish folklore!  We see Dark Vader is helping Johnny Horndog’s little stormtrooper cannon be the invader of your daughter’s holy fertility!

    My friends, the Obamas are sick people and now they are trying to make flesh acts a thought of the most innocent.   A young man does not naturally think about the flesh of a female.  He’s worried about keeping his grades up senior year, so that he can go to college and get a great job and make you proud!

    He wants a great future of nice cars, a well financed home and a 401k retirement plan, followed by eventually getting a wife when he’s of a proper home owning standing!  But the Obamas want to create more welfare Obama Mommas and are handing out these flesh wraps to make our nation’s youth more promisucouerrus devil whores!

    My parent’s anger is riled and so is yours!

    If this were only 300 years ago, we could easily pat Michelle Obama on the backside, wave a $20 and throw her into the fields and tell her to get picking!  It is okay, most black Obama Mommas are still paid cotton devil pantiedrawers strippers!  Obama would be renamed Kunta Junta and I could only wish we were Cuba, because this nasty flesh wrap all warrant it!

    My dear friends, it is so sad that us kind, loving people’s trust in the presidency cannot be trusted.  We only want a nation of unity and respect, yet, we find these Obama’s are trying to encourage our kids to play hacky sack tag you’re it twiddle rompus flesh fence jousting!@  Oh be wary thine who tempt the innocent to be sinners, for in hell Satan shall be tempted to twaddle you!

    Star Wars flesh wraps must be burnt on site, parents.  Check your student’s backpacks and Facebook, Twitters, cellar phones, check it all!  Any mention of gyrations and captured Satan spit means the ground for eventual raw flesh manisfestations and then shamed pregnancy is not far away!  Be vigilant parents and stop this new Obama scheme!

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