• Barack Obama Caves to Occupy Wall Street Demands, Orders One More Season of Arrested Development

    October 5, 2011 2:04 pm 27 comments
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  • After month’s of protests against Arrested Development, through protests and prayer we were finally able to get the show about busted capitalism and veiled homosexuality, Arrested Development, ripped off the air.

    Terrifying imagery from interns dispatched to New York on behalf Investigative reporter Stephenson Billings in Tennesee revealed how this humor bereft show was able to get more episodes during tough economic times.

    Another brainless comedy hatched by the always dangerous Larry Davis, Crazy Joe Devola and the demented pen of Michael Levitz, Arrested Development claimed to be ‘good, family entertainmetn’ but constantly barraged the eyes with dizzying camerwork and dialogue drenched in raw sensuality one minute, and communist leanings the next.

    The show always had a suspected cult following in Nielsen ratings but due to consistent pressure, was ripped off television in 2006.

    Let’s hope the protesting hippies do not ask Obama to try out communis…oh, too late.  Obamacare and the buyout of GM is just the tip of the iceberg if we do not vote Obama out of office.

    It is not surprising Obama enjoys watching the story of busted up tramps, drunks and failed businesmen stabbing each other in the back, all while the veiled homosexual son-in-law imagines lustful situations of kink that’s shown on film.  This must be how every Arab sees America.

    Expect the new season of Arrested Development to air in late 2011.

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