• Barack Obama Teleprompter Stolen, Will The Big O Finally Be Silenced?

    October 18, 2011 10:27 am 5 comments
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  • Barack Hussein Obama’s teleprompter was stolen and America is not forced to wonder if it’s commander in chief’s Big O shaped mouth spout will finally stop spewing lies and deceit on his “Jobs Tour”.

    It is ironic that while on a tour to discuss the problem of lack of jobs in America that Obama himself became the victim of a society without jobs. As seen in America’s ghettos, without jobs people oft resort to stealing the most obscure and weird of things. Obama’s teleprompter was surely stolen by some jobless misfit, eager to buy his kid some diapers and maybe a sniff of crack rock for himself on the American taxypayer’s dollar.

    Included in the truck stolen by the thieves were over $200,000 worth of podiums and audio equipment. In all seriousness, one must wonder how people gain access to these things? It would have been easy for an Iranian terrorist to plant anthrax or some other deadly pathogen on Obama’s equipment, causing injury to himself and staff. So fortunately for America’s stability, the thieves only wanted to make a quick buck off a very poorly guarded presidential vehicle. Now who is going to restore all that equipment with your tax money?

    Take a look in your wallet and purse and you have the answer.

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