• Beavis and Butthead: Former Enemies of Truth and God, Now Fighting the Twilight Menace

    October 28, 2011 9:17 am 6 comments

    In the early 80′s, Beavis and Butthead were Devil Worshipping, Mentally Challenged kids. This is just a cartoon on the Television though, so we didn’t think to worry about it. That was fine thinking, until Yu-Gi-Oh and Pokemon came out and started turning our kids into Communist Japanese supporters (Where did the #OccupyWallStreet Movement come from?)

    This cartoon from the 80′s made fun of the worst “Music Videos” on MTV, while still loving Satan Bands like Whitesnake, Tesla and Stryper.

    The Writer/Director/Voice Actor for this heathen show was named Mike Judge. He became a Christian when the Beavis and Butthead Hour was cancelled in 1984.

    The newly Christian Mike Judge started writing a new “Reality TV Cartoon” called “King of the Hill”. This was a show with morals and goodAmerican love involved.

    Here is proof (like you Atheists ask for) of this show being Godly and Pure:


    After King of the Hill got cancelled for being to Pure and Truthful, (I think P.E.T.A. was involved too) Mike Judge went on to write a Moving Picture Full Length Feature Film called “Idiocracy”. This was a film that was suppressed by the liberals because it proved, once and for all, If a Black became President, America would be dumb within 3 years.

    Here is what that movie entails (see, I still know big words, so Obama hasn’t affected me yet):

    Now we come back to 2011.

    Beavis and Butthead are back, but this time they are making fun of videos by Emosexual Bands like MGMT and Beyonce, and trying to prove to Goth kids that it is impossible to be bitten by a random homeless man without get Hepatitis. You may feel and look like a Vampire or Werewolf afterwards, but you are just very diseased.

    Christian Parents should force their Children to watch these new episodes, as it will make them realize how awful Twilight and Harry Potter are, as well as the Pop Music from Kathy Perry and Justina Beiber.

    I hope everyone has a fun JesusWeen this Monday. Be Safe and protect your kids from predators.

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    Bruce Myron Danus Years of Mental Gymnastics, and lots of love from Jesus has made this man realize he was not "Born this Way", but instead chose to be a Homogay until he met God and realized God doesn't make mistakes like a homogay.

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