• Behind the Music: Rocky Raccoon Song Meaning Proves Beatles were Anti-Jesus Atheists Converting Teens to Satanism

    October 23, 2011 10:57 am 10 comments

    One of the most dangerous bands of all times are the Beatles.  Striving to be greater than The Who and Peter Townshend, McCartney and his group of British atheists resorted to all sorts of cheap methods to obtain fame.

    We’ve all heard how the Beatles managed to brainwash Charlie Manson and the tragedy surrounding all that, even almost creating a helter-skelter race war in the turbulent 1970s.  It seems every one of the Beatle’s lyrics are about drugs, communism, illicit acts and psychadelic drug-enabled sounds that confuse the mind.

    What is not known is that Paul McCartney, the lead singer and best musician of the Beatles, may have had a spirited hand, that is, his unnatural ability for writing catchy tunes and playing instruments may be of dark forces.

    In 1966, John Lennon, Paul’s top follower and right-hand man stated, “The Beatles are greater than Jesus!” and then started a tour in America.  The Moral Majority rallied and tried to ban the Beatles, but burgeoning liberal democrats who were but hippies at the time used protests to ensure the Beatles could play at various venues.

    A last ditch effort to weaken the demonic influence was made by The Gideons, a noble organization.  The Gideons twice attempted to place Bibles in the presence of the Beatles, once in their hotel and once in their jet plane.  Both attempts were thwarted.  Not satisfied by simply thwarting the attempt, the Beatles wrote a veiled song to taunt the Gideons and Christians.  They named this song Rocky Raccoon and made it clear that their ageda was to steal America’s teens away from God and their loving parents, instead sprawling them out before Satan’s will as told in their music (drugs, lust, communism).

    To prove this theory, I’ve consulted old friends and a master interpretation of the song Rocky Raccoon, with its true, original lyrics.

    To see this theory pan out, click ‘play’ on the video and then see how the true lyrics line up with the ‘minced oaths’ sang by Paul McCartney.

    Rocky Raccoon, Original Lyrics

    Now somewhere in the American deep south, also known as the Bible Belt
    There lived a lot of adult Christian Americans
    And one day their teenage children became Beatles fans
    And then John Lennon made his infamous, “more popular than Jesus” quote.
    The adult Christian Americans didn’t like that, said we’re gonna bring the Beatles down
    So one day they started showing up at Beatle concert sights to protest
    With Adult Christians protesting, the Gideons decided to join in
    The Adult christians had come, equipped with protest paraphanalia, to bring down their rival, the Beatles
    The Beatles it seems had broken their dreams by stealing away their teenage children
    They were called by any number of terms used to describe teenage Beatle fans
    Now the teenage Christian children, and the Beatles, were together at any one of several concert sights
    The adult Christian Americans showed up to protest and in essence said, “hey Beatles this is a showdown”
    But the Beatles were at the height of their popularity, They made light of John’s statement with explanatory interviews
    And the Adult Christian American protests gradually faded away
    na da da da da da da, da da da da da da
    Now Brian Epstein came on worldwide news broadcasts
    Suffering with his own drug addiction
    And proceeded to soften the damage with explanations
    He said in essence, “hey Christians you’ve met your match”, and the wiser Christians essentially said,”hey Brian, it’s only a scratch, and we’ll overcome all this when the time is right”.
    Na da da da da da da, da da da da da da
    Now with Christians still protesting, the Gideons tried again
    But with the failure of both protest attempts the Gideons went back to doing what they did best, and that was putting their Bible is hotels.


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