• Black Man from Tennessee has Gay Anal Sin Docking with a Dog

    October 29, 2011 9:06 am 28 comments

    I have never been a big fan of Tennessee, until I met Stephenson Billings. Once that happened, I realized that actual Humans lived there, and not “Incest Rape Zombies” and Blacks only

    Today, however, I read a story about a tribal man practicing Zulu witch doctoring sex acts on a Dog. This was not just any Dog either, it was a noble creature called a German Shepard. German Shepards and Golden Retrievers are pure animals, and should never be touched in veil ways.

    The strangest part of this story is that this “Man” took “his” cue from Chaz Bono, or as it calls itself now, Chai Tea. (Chaz moved from Transgender to Trans-Object recently, I hear that is the new Gay Fetish).. The culprit is called Kimberly Lawson, which is a girl’s name.

    Here is some eyewitness accounts and Police reports of this Homogay Marriage plot: “Authorities in Tennessee recently charged 40-year-old Kimberly Lawson with a criminal offense against an animal after he was allegedly caught having sex with a dog.

    Officers were contacted on Saturday morning by a South Memphis resident who reportedly observed some bizarre activity involving his neighbor’s German Shepherd, Adam, according to a Memphis Police Department report.

    The man said that he observed Lawson feed Adam from a plate before he saw “Lawson pull his pants down, get on his knees and allow the dog to mount him and have sex,” the arrest affidavit states.

    According to the witness, the dog mounted Lawson three times within one hour.”

    Obviously, Lawson is a Power Bottom and in love with “Furries” and probably a “Bronie” as well. The worst thing though, is his neighbors were calling each other to see who had the best view. Disgusting. Here is more quotes from neighbors:
    After recovering from the shocking sight, the witness called another neighbor and asked him to look out his rear window to see if he could get a view of Lawson in action.

    “He … observed suspect Kimberly Lawson engaged in sexual intercourse with Adam, the dog,” reads the police report. “[The second witness] said he observed the dog mounted on top of suspect Kimberly Lawson from a behind position having sex.”

    Why were they watching??? I would have been spreading the love of God across this “man’s” face with a lovingly made American Louisville Slugger.

    Here is one of the neighbor’s Twitter feed intro’s:

    This is just more proof of why Gay Marriage is wrong and should be punishable by Death Sentence. I am disgusted at having to report this news, but even more disgusted that States keep legalizing Gay Marriage. What is next? Legal Marijuana? Equal Rights for Broccoli? The “Politically Correct lesbian, feminist, 99%’ers and Afro-Saxons are going overboard lately.

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    Bruce Myron Danus Years of Mental Gymnastics, and lots of love from Jesus has made this man realize he was not "Born this Way", but instead chose to be a Homogay until he met God and realized God doesn't make mistakes like a homogay.

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