• Black President Barack Obama Eats Buckets of Fried Chicken at Roscoes Chicken and Waffles in Pico, California

    October 26, 2011 12:36 pm 30 comments

    Black President Barack Obama Visits Roscoes Chicken and Waffles in Hollywood California, Eats Buckets of Fried Chicken


    President Barack Obama get down to his Kenyan roots during his propaganda stops in Los Angeles, taking time from his busy schedule to eat some delicious friend chicken from Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles in Pico, California.

    Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles is the Rolls Royce of fried chicken for black people, with reservations needed if you want to dine with all the usually black celebrities that eat there.  Diners at the resident reported that Obama got a phone call during his visit, stating that “Michelle and the kids” just called and said they were very jealous.

    The manager of the restaurant stated the Obama and his secret service called in to say they were swinging by and wanted Big Momma to cook them up ‘something real good’.  Obama ordered the ‘Country Boy’ combo, getting three fried chicken wings, a waffle with sweet syrup and a potato salad.

    This meal for the president cost us taxpayers $8.40.

    Why someone would pay that much for such an unhealthy meal that doesn’t even come with a soda is beyond me, but there is one fact that we must all consider and understand.

    Black people love fried chicken.  Do yourself a sociological experiment and you will see the data in your black demographic neighborhood fits the trends with this poll survey conducted in Atlanta, Georgia.

    Survey participants also responded with type of fried chicken consumed.  Most black consumption of chicken is classic fried.  Chinese also reported a higher incidence of fried chicken consumption, typically wings to go with take-out.  Mexicans report financial troubles as causal factor in lower chicken consumption, explaining why white families eating fried chicken on picnics show a higher result, per capita.

    In the research above, you can see a whopping 93% of fried chicken is consumed by black people.  The combined forces of all other races cannot even compare to the amount of fried chicken that blacks east.

    My guess is that if you could look inside a randomly selected black man’s fridge right now, you would find some juicy watermelons and maybe some sweet pies.  There may be a watermelon rind, malt liquors and used food jars from the Baby Momma.  But there is one thing, and I will bet the farm on this one, there is one thing you are always going to find.

    Fried chicken.  If there is none, he is either a gay vegan or just ran out a day or two before.   When you shop at the store, you always think to get butter, milk and eggs.  These are staple foods.  Black people have a desire to eat fried chicken.  Just as much as Chimy Chinaman eats his race, blacks eat chicken.  I don’t want to belabor the point but it is vital to understand, especially considering that it looks like we’ll be stuck with either Obama or Cain as president.

    My artist’s rendition of Barack Obama’s perfect day. Why is it that the majority of black people love fried chicken?

    It’s no secret, black people cannot deny a natural affinity for fried chicken.  There are some blacks who will comment and be angry, clucking about and wagging their necks like a cracked-out hen.  What you must understand before you embark on trying to call me names like ‘racist’ or ‘bigot’, that I’m not saying this is a bad thing.

    I just am curious into the scientific mechanisms that make even the president, who is furiously fighting to keep poor families from facing foreclosure and against our desire to let him pass some ‘jobs bill’ just so he can look good and improve the economy, at the expense of the GOP, waste time on stuffing his mouth with fatty foods.

    Quite frankly, if Obama is going to rob $8.40 from my wallet, I at least want him to eat something that won’t give him a heart attack.  He needs to eat healthier if he’s the leader of America, in my opinion.

    If Obama is craving fried chicken to the point that he’s opening his own line of Obama Fried Chicken Restaurants, it’s probable that he’s into all the other typically black things:  ice cold melons, malt colt liquor and pommeling Michelle Obama in the rear derrierre, if you get my drift.

    Now again, there are people like Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton Kanye West, Gayle Winfrey and Whoopi Goldberg (the angry black coalition) and their followers who will flap around and cry, trying to say that I’m just a country boy from Georgia who has beef with black people.  That is not true at all.  I’m just talking science.  We keep finding all this proof that black people love fried chicken.

    Here a black man named David Chapelle confessed the time he first found out about a scientific component to blacks eating fried chicken. Watch this (Warning: Black comedians tend to use curse words in their media. Immediately have wife children leave the room before viewing.)

    Now with that component, we can see there is an issue with black people and foods that are:  salty, fried greasy and unhealthy.  In my medical judgment, this is a contributing factor to black people’s higher incidence of high blood pressure and sugar diabetes.

    In conclusion, let’s hope that our president starts making better lifestyle choices.  He is definitely not in good shape and this is not helping him at all.  Before leaving the restaurant, Obama promised the manager at the Roscoe’s Pico, California location that Michelle stated her and the kids will soon visit the Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles in Hollywood, California.

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