• Black Veil Brides (BVBrmy) vs My Chemical Romance (MCRmy): Poll, Who is the Better Band and Devoted Fans?

    October 12, 2011 4:40 pm 49 comments


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    After watching the legions of Black Veil Brides fans rally to defend their favorite band from the powerful journalism of Mike Watson, I was actually impressed.  Do not get me wrong.  I always question the morals of a band who wears pants tighter than my ballerina girlfriend, but still, the devotion is impressive.

    That sparked me to research more about these bands and their fans and it seems there is a huge overlap.  The styles of music are similar (though I find MCR to be slightly move musically talented, and Biersack to be the more talented of the band’s lead singers) and there are definitely some dark aspects to the bands and their fans.  But there is still one question that bugged me:  who has the better fans and for that matter, who would win a head to head competition?

    So far, Mike’s article about the Black Veiled Brides and Andy Biersack Obsession Disorder has netted 24,598,304 views and caused us to receive thousands of emails and phone calls from fans, parents and media groups interested in interviews on the subject.  But from you guys, this community, the fans of the bands and others, who is the best?  Who has the better music and better fans?

    Vote in this poll.  The final results will be broadcast on this week’s episode of Big America in the LA and New York viewing areas, Adult Swim on Comedy Central and of course, right here on ChristWire.  Voting starts now.

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