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    October 24, 2011 10:33 am 104 comments
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  • This Band christwire classifies as demonic is not demonic at all, its time somebody posted some truth on this site. They have twisted everything and made theese wonderful poetic musicians sound like horrible devil worshipers. Where do I begin? Well the title. It is not “Black Veiled Brides” its “Black VEIL Brides” there is a differance.

    The name is based off a Catholic Term, when A nun marries into the church she gives up the cardinal pleasures of life and wears a black veil..which is used as a representation of them devoting their lives to the band and to us fans.

    Now about the fans. The BVB Army is not a demonic cult, we are family. There is no initiation task. What christwire said was false. we are just people who have endured more pain than you can imagine, and people who can love and stick up for each other even though we are complete strangers. We have one thing in common, we love a kickass band. That is not a crime, and that is not a sin.

    Now im going to truthfully explain some of the lyrics that were previously inaccurately explained by christwire. Their most known song, Knives and Pens: “Lay your heart down the ends in sight, consience begs for you to do whats right, everyday its still the same dull knife, stab it through and justify your pride.” this is talking about how we experience this pain every single day of being hated and abused just because of our apperance.

    That everyday we deal with the same problem, the same hatred, the same abuse, and its a song that unites us in a way, shows us that we all deal with the same problem and that no matter what happens, we’ll get through it.. even though it’s painful. Beautiful Reamains is not a song about Andy Biersack “fondeling” a corpse.. Lyrics: “Gently rest your weary head What you’ve lived for now is dead, Goodnight..Goodbye A soul surrender. This love will set you free from thoughts of yesterday Now death has come to claim your Beautiful Remains.I’ll strike the match to set you off, and watch you glisten” Now does this sound like a hook up with a dead person? no. It doesnt. It sounds like someone who has experienced loss and is saying goodbye.

    Fallen Angels.. the title is neither spiritual or demonic. Promise. Lyrics: We are the in between, cast down as sons of war, Struck to the earth like lightning, On this world we’re torn. We won’t cause the pain of living out their law. Take joy in who you are, We know our wings are flawed. We’re bored to death in heaven and down alone in hell. We only want to be ourselves.” This is obviously talking about us being different, and not knowing where to go to live our lives without the constant torment from judgemental people.

    And Lastly, Sweet Blasphemy.

    This is a song to eveangelical christians who are judgemental and who tell us that we are sinners because of the music we listen to, and because of the way we dress. Sure, we wear dark makeup and dark clothing.. but that DOES NOT make us horrible people. Black Veil Brides is a secular band. Their religion is irrelevant to their music. They dont incorperate religion into their lyrics other than terms from catholicism that are used to represent certain things. There is nothing demonic about this Rock n’ Roll band. haha and umm christwire, i dont know where the hell you were going with the whole “capital letters is a sign of posession” thing. Fans of any band often talk in capital letters when they are excited about something, or just happy. sometimes they only capitalize a few words, trying to emphasize something they want you to understand.

    I could go on and on, but i wont. In the end, call us what you want. We are ourselves, if you want to title us “emo” or “faggot” whatever. Call me what you want, but in the end im proud to be who i am and i wouldnt change for anybody. This is an amazing band, they are extremely talented regaurdless of what you say. This stupid site devoted to spreading lies and giving false information is just childish really. If you have never listened to Black Veil Brides, you should. Their music is inspirational and just. amazing haha words can’t even describe :) oh and to christwire.. fuck you, you are seriously extremely pathetic.

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