• Boycott Halloween this Year, Instead, Celebrate Jesusween (Jesusween.com)

    October 8, 2011 7:53 am 34 comments

    Did you know Halloween is a Christian holiday?

    Or, at least it used to be.  All Hallow’s eve was a day for Christians to rejoice and have a celebration of giving before the holiday season.

    Over time liberals began to associate costume with the holiday, moreso than the meaning of the holiday.  The costumes begin to become sultry and dark, a sign that Satan was at work in trying to overtake the holiday.

    Fast forward several generations and we are at current day, where Halloween is a night of blood curdling haunted houses, Twilight blood rituals and drunken fornication parties.  Women see how much flesh they can reveal and men see how much tainted candy they can put into a young college girl’s mouth, so she will do whatever he wants.

    This is not a Christian holiday anymore:  it has been stolen.  Much like liberals are trying to X the Christ out of Christmas by calling it Xman, they have x’d any decency out of Halloween.

    There was a point in time when children could be trusted trick-or-treating on Halloween.  They could wander the streets in their innocent costumes, no worries about tainted candy stranger homosexuals or the like.  It was pure and fun.

    But today, the risks are far too much.

    We must realize the only solution for taking back our holiday is to rename it.  Much like Christmas can never be changed, October 31st must take on a better name.  Jesusween.

    It will be the celebration of dressing up like a great Biblical character or US Republican politician who is a fantastic pro-family man who embodies the spirit of values, or morality and most importantly of conservatism.    Jesusween.com is the site you must visit, to help us take the Hell out of Helloween, because that’s where the atheists and possessed are trying to take the holiday.  They are trying to make it a recruiting tool for hell for their dark lord, Satan.


    JesusWeen (Oct 31st) is expected to become the most effective Christian outreach day ever and tha...

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