• Cadaver Dog Catches Scent of Dead Body in Baby Lisa Irwin Kansas City Home

    October 22, 2011 8:57 am Comments Off
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  • Another turn in the Baby Lisa Irwin case today after reports that a cadaver dog catches scent in Baby Lisa Irwin’s Kansas City, Missouri, home.

    Authorities were seen searching the home for over 17 hours and right next to the parent’s bed, a cadaver dog was able to catch a scent.  Cadaver dogs are highly trained canine units whose ability to smell is completely allowable in a court of law.  The cadaver dog’s response means that at some point, a dead body was in the home and right next to the parent’s bed.

    Over the past several days, Kansas City police have also interviewed over three-people who say a man was seeing carrying a baby girl who looked much like Lisa.  This occurred at 4 a.m. and the baby was not wearing a coat in the weather of a 45 degree night.

    Lisa Irwin’s mother stated when the baby was put to bed, the child was wearing clothing.  Insiders are now reporting that the police found that clothing inside the home, putting reports of the baby seen outside by 3 seperate witnesses with the mother’s last description of what the child was wearing.

    What do all these facts mean?  Only more investigation and a jury trial will decide.  Yesterday, police said any reports that they have found a body is pure rumor and is not true.  There is still hope that Baby Lisa is out there and when their ir hope such as that, we must all believe in it as much as we can.  Let’s hope and pray for a resolution to this gripping trial that sees the baby safe and the mother and father innocent.


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