• CAUGHT: Bill Clinton and Al Gore Sharing Homosexual Moment Together (Gay Sweaty Shorts)

    October 25, 2011 5:32 am 5 comments

    We already showed you the breaking news of Barack Obama kissing his power bottom boy David Cameron. The world was shocked when I broke that story and you’ve seen it covered on FOX, ABC, CWTV New York and LA, MSNBC and HLN. The world was rightfully shocked and my friends, the news and picture I have today is even more juiced!

    Don’t eat your breakfast bagel yet and do no drink that morning coffee. It’ll shoot right back up your throat and this picture will give you the morning punch of Mohammed Ali hopped up on ‘roids, so you don’t need any strong black coffee!

    Get ready, for the picture I have hear proves that Bill Clinton and Al Gore had a homosexual relationship. This makes his relationship with Monica look like a lovely marriage in comparison. Here we go, there’s no way to really introduce this one but just give it to your eyes:

    Look at Al Gore, holding his shoulders back and have an awkwardly shaped head, only the way a gay can.  Look at how his shorts and shirt are still wet with the sweat of 6 am guilt!  It looks like Bill Clinton wanted a McStroke and got it the chocolate way!  They played pin the tail on the donkey all night long and you all know what’s located under a donkey’s tail!

    The sin is musty in this one.  Someone at the office here wondered if they were just going out for an early job and breakfast, but who gets McDonald’s after that!  The post coital flush to Clinton’s face says it all.

    Then beneath the cotton-blue nylon blend shorts of all Gore, you see a Superman’s bulge.  It is covered in mucky homosexuality!  There was no release because Gore just spread ‘em like a perp on Cops!

    Then Slick Willy.  I wonder what DC gay club gave him that name?  Look at those thick European, porcelain white thighs, just lusting to push its master deeper and deeper into Whore Gore.    You can see all the sweat pouring from his chest and then as the final proof, gays like to flush their mouth out with some chemcial McDonalds after their night of fecal fornication.  A number two with a Hi-C and coffee is said to always do the trick.

    This image is surely to bring much to answer for from our impeached president and his global warming propaganda power bottom Gore.

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