• Cheating Girlfried Gets Gentle Lovetap From Boyfriend

    October 3, 2011 2:55 am 17 comments

    Our foray into culture today covers a story –so full of sweet justice– that it’d make the combined forces of Ronald Reagan, Sean Connery and Captain America shed a collective tear.

    Everything began when a harlot of a woman decided to cheat on her boyfriend with her boss. The boyfriend in this case found out that his girlfriend had been regularly slobbing and sucking her boss dry at work (and getting caught at Christmas party), only to later give her boyfriend big kisses when she saw him at night. He found this out after 4 years of dating and planning to marry his girlfriend (already shelled out for a $4,000 dollar ring). Not even Brutus could wield a sharper dagger of betrayal.

    Armed with such knowledge and after having suffered such an affront, the boyfriend had no choice but to deliver a Sean Connery sized dose of revenge upon the wench by dumping her ass in a public and embarrassing way, all with the help of Danny Dumps at that…

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