• ChristWire’s Totally Holy Halloween Costume Contest

    October 29, 2011 7:27 pm 14 comments
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  • To bring some morality to a day of sin, we’re once again throwing ChristWire’s Totally Holy Halloween Costume Contest.

    The rules are simple.  Take a picture from your party or of you in your cosume.  Make sure to tag up some sign that says ChristWire on it say we know it’s you.

    We will showcase all the good, decent and fun pictures in an album “ChristWire Totally Awesome Halloween Costume Contest 2011″.  The pictures that get top votes will receive $25 gift cards, courtesy of your moral leaders.  You will also get a free autographed copy of The ChristWire Handbook.

    Rules are simple:

    1.  Take a picture of yourself or your friends at a Halloween Costume Party.

    2.  Email your pictures to holymailbox@christwire.org.

    3. In your email, state that we may use your image for the Halloween Costume Contest.  If your face is showing on your pictures and you don’t like that, put a bar over you’re eye.  That’s fine.  You just need to have ChristWire written somewhere (holding a sign, posterboard, whatevs!)

    4. Keep fingers crossed that the world votes you #1.

    5.  Final entries must be received before Midnight on October 31st.  Only those 18 and older are eligible to submit images and win prized.  Don’t try to fake ID us.

    Good luck!

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