• Colonel Qaddafi Death Photos: Moammar Gadhafi is Dead

    October 20, 2011 7:24 am 6 comments
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    Moammar Qaddafi is dead and his death photos are flowing in from a celebrating Libya.

    TheMoammar Qaddafi death photos from the International News Agency was known as a brutal “Mad Dog of the Middle East”, demanding even his friends call him the “King of Kings” lest they meet a fiery death.

    An American airstrike tracked down Qaddafi’s convoy fleeing the brutal dictator’s childhood hometown of Cert, thwarting its efforts to get away from NATO/Libyan forces, under the command of the US Navy.

    United States Supreme Commander General Cerritas, who headed the operation in Libya, will recommend later in the day that NATO and US forces leave the country and let them rebuild, the Libyans eternally grateful to the US for bringing death to this brutal dictator.

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