• Concerning People Who Claim Black Veil Brides Are Demon Possessed for Wearing Black Clothing

    October 31, 2011 12:46 am 44 comments

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    Veil Wolff

    Here is a message for you judgmental people who like to read your Bible. For it is written, as your Reverend seems fond of saying:

    St. Matthew 7
    Judging Others

    1 Judge not, that ye be not judged.
    2 For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again. Mk. 4.24

    Now ye of oh little brains, how is it that you think you can condemn people for wearing black and expressing themselves. Like brainless zombies ironically gathered on the Eve of Halloween, you vultures sit around and try to pick apart Andy Biersack and his fans. You furiously rub and grope each other’s egos, praising one another for your ability to lack any logic. I see your organization and others like AFA, Fox News, The Beast and other and cannot help but to think that for people who claim to be moral, you new age yellow journalists are the most sorry, unChristian lot of bastards to ever exist. You purely exist to further your political and societal agendas.

    Looking through this site I see old church lady’s spreading nothing but deceit and propaganda, all so you can make parents mistrust their children’s ability to make good choices in life. You plaster praise for groups like Jars of Clay and Amy Grant, as if they are perfect but yet you unfairly are claiming God sent angels to throw Andy Biersack off a stage?

    Do you really think God is that petty? Why would God be upset with a young man who has brought joy and peace to so many fans. Accidents happen every day. If the Pope had fallen, would you pharisees be so quick to judge and say angels ‘were dispatched’ to rough up your dear holiness?

    No, you try to cover-up everything wrong about your leaders and when you get down to the base of it, you try to veil your own secret sins. How many of your Republicans, which I’m sure the lot of you are, are hiding some secret sins? Maybe a little “dallying” with the pool boy when the Mrs. is away buying those ingredients for that homemade apple pie you just have to eat?

    Maybe you’re a coward who wants to send our troops to die overseas, but never have had the backbone to stand up for even equality in your own home. How many of you can break the mold of ignorance, to be that bold, and not conform to the whims of other ignorant parents who cannot trust their children to have tastes of their own.

    Black clothing does not make a person evil. A black heart makes a person evil. You can judge me all you want, but my heart beats red with human blood and it spiritually beats with love for all those around me.

    All of you show that your heart beats with poisonous lies so you can surely get your political agenda across and get a nutjob like Michelle Bachmann or Rick Perry in office.

    If you don’t like the Black Veil Brides and other bands that aren’t your organ lady blindly hammering through boring hymns, fine. Keep to yourselves and stop trying to ruin life for everyone else.

    Andy Biersack fell off a stage. Big deal. God did not push him down. But I can guarantee that some people, including yourselves, are going to get a nice shove down the stairs to hell and wonder why you spent all of your lives judging others for simply wanting to be happy, express themselves and maybe break the yoke of what you see as a ‘proper’ society.

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