• Dads Against Daughter’s Dating

    October 11, 2011 6:08 pm 26 comments
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  • If the wrong boy showed up to my house and tried to date, my daughter, I would shoot him in the face with every single gun I can get my hands out.

    Like many other fathers out there, I am not too fond of men who want to date my daughter. They have one goal in mind and that’s to have her body force their litlte raunchy septer to become soft after release with her body. I know this and they have to know, nothing makes me more happy to shoot bullets than a little horndog.

    For this reason, I have formed the Dad’s Against Daughters Dating support group. If you are interested in discussing tips and tricks to keep your daughter single please share here and also come join us at the next meeting.

    My shirt is dead serious and you better know the facts when visiting my daughter and mine.  Now, to lighten the mood, here is Biff (Tom Wilson) from Back to the Future giving some nice warning about what happens if you cross his daughter.

    And what would we be without my favorite song.

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