• Dancing With the Stars Discovers Chaz Bono is a Woman, Kick Her Off Show for Veiled Gender

    October 27, 2011 6:29 am 7 comments
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  • Cher and Sonny Bono gave birth to a baby girl. The proud mother and father gave this child a great name: Chastity. The name means pure and not a harlot, which are core values every parent should instill in their daughter.

    As time went on, we forgot about the cute, adorible little girl of the two famed stars, Sonny now passed on and Cher needing to retire.

    But with time, come the wiles of temptation and even the most pure of Daddy’s little girl can quickly flip into a immoral speciment of confusion and genetic betrayal:

    Shock and awe, it’s Daddy’s little girl.  The judges on Dancing with the Stars were shocked.  They have seen immoral things in the past but never before a gender bender.  This is just unseemly and not fair to other contestants.

    Think about it.  What if we let Shaquille O’Neill and Kobe Bryant go play for the WNBA.  How about Antoinne Johnson and La’Bron James slumming themselves a dunk over a puny woman pretending to play basketball.  Would that be fair if we placed wigs on all those men and let them have their way with the WNBA stars?

    No amount of lesbianism can equal the pure muscle of man, no matter what veil he’s wearing.  A man is a man.  Chaz may have tricked her body into growing hair with hormones, but would any of us feel a bit concerned if we saw Johnny Stranger wearing a wig and heading into the lady’s room for a ‘little oopsies tinkle’ right after your daughter Sally went on.  For those who are supporting Chaz, are you now saying men in wigs can call themselves women and sneak into the lady’s room?

    Rest assured, if such things happened the liberals would be up in arms and arresting all the men.  I would watch in confusion as yes, society grows 3.8% safter for every transgender gay that’s captured.  Capture the gay, save the neighborhood.


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