• Defiant Liberals Create Tony Blaire, George Bush Homosexual Affair Scandal

    October 7, 2011 4:45 am 4 comments
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    Still fuming over the revelation involving Barack Obama coming out of the closet and publically showing his affair with David Cameron, liberals are desperate and trying to tarnish the GOP with a similar scandal.  Democrats must think the American people are gullible and cannot see past their New York Times yellow journalism.

    This filthy image of our former revered President George W. Bush and his British subordinate Tony Blaire is a cheap display of typical left-wing media journalism.  Liberals like to pretend homosexuality is a healthy lifestyle, yet hide from the facts when scientific data repeatedly show that gays are diseased, untrustworthy and have a 0% birth creation rate.

    Even worse is that gays are 24% more likely to do themselves in before the age 70.  Having a homosexual president shows Obama does not care for the health of America.  He is not leading by good example.  Liberals want to point and say, “Well, look, republicans can be gay too!” and that’s why they created this false sacrilege image against our former Holy Leader of America and Earthly Ambassador to God, President George W. Bush.

    This was the inset image on New York Time’s facebook page.

    That image is clearly a shop job.  President Bush did his best to make sure gays had to right to marry, terrorists were destroyed and the world was protected.  The only man Bush held close was Christ, as Bush held him in his heart and consulted with him for wisdom as he lead America from the pits of fear to the heights of prosperity and eternal Democracy.

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