• DISCOVERED: The Oldest Form of Wireless Communication

    October 21, 2011 12:22 pm 8 comments

    In this world of technological wonder and progress, it’s oft times easy to overlook the might and wonder of nature.  Friends, we are all fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalms 139:14).

    As such, our bodies are temples unto the Lord. We are made to enjoy life and to enjoy service of love to one another.  In our ability of creation and undestanding, is an eternal testament to the eternal wisdom, mercy and glory of our Savior.

    An innovative man, Steve Jobs, recently passed away.  Fans of Apples mourned and massively outpoured to purchase new iPhones, perhaps given more urgency in their acquisition by the loss of a man they admired.  There is someone else we should have that same urgency to please and have in our lives.  His name is Jesus Christ?  Have you called him lately.

    My good friends, it is not necessary to use an iPhone or worry about how many bars you have to call Christ.  You simply open up your heart and you be still.  You must have faith in your heart and not be distracted by the negative words of atheists, that he is not there.  The service of Christ is always there for you.  You must trust and believe that fact in your heart, my friends.

    What a wonderful God.  We have the ability to communicate, no matter what.  The ability to speak to our Savior cannot be taken away and always, he’s right on time and there for you.  Just open your mind and speak.  No batteries, reception, phone plans or fancy iPhones needed.

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