• Drunk Dad Shawn Russell Weimer Lets 9-Year-Old Daughter Drive Him Home (video)

    October 18, 2011 7:26 am 5 comments
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  • Shocking video Brownstown Township, Michigan, after a red truck or van was caught on a gas station’s late night surveillance footage. As you will soon see, all looks normal as a van pulls next to a gas stall until the driver’s side door opens and a little 4-foot-girl in a pink coat hops out of the driver’s seat.

    From the passenger’s side emerges a staggering man who holds the girl’s hand. The man’s name is Shawn Weimer Russell and he’s allegedly drunk, giving him the bright ideo to let his 9-year-old daughter drive him to the gas station.

    Once inside the station, Russell apparently wanted to buy his daughter a candy apple and takes time to tell the store clerk that he let his daughter drive him to the station, she is going to drive him back home and that he’s drunk. Russell is then seen on security footage doing what appears to be just that.

    A good samaritan saw the pair pulling off from the gas station and called the police. The police were shocked and located the van, pulling the girl over. From all reports, the girl was in a booster seat and driving the van perfectly.

    When an officer walked up to the window, like anyone else the girl said, “What’s the problem, officer?”

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