• Emma Watson Uses New Chest Milkcraft To Entice Youngsters

    October 1, 2011 11:02 am 35 comments
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  • Not but two score ago, an evil writer named JFK Tolkien danced before the blood moon of Twilight lore and was given the Satanic words that became the introduction passage to Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Secret. Ever since that fateful night, the Harry Potter franchise has stood for nothing but great hedonism and witchcraft, an evil spell that has bound the children of our generation in the iron-clad yokes of Satanic Wiccanism, vampire abortion orgies and scariest of all, transgender possession.

    Harry Potter: Breaking Dawn (Part 2) will be coming out this winter. It is slated as the most sinful, scary movie of all time and already you can imagine the horror school teachers are seeing. Before the last Wicca spellcast movie, teachers reported an increase of dark circles under the eyes of their students and the CDC reported incidence of iron-deficiency in the 15-23 year old cohort. This is clear proof that the children have been neckbiting and doing other night blood ceremonies.

    What’s even worse and scary is that Harry Potter encourages prostitution. Millions read my expose on how Harry Potter turned a pure child named Emma Watson into a devilwhore flesh exposing gender bender witch named Hermione, but today we see they are even employing flesh trick enhancements to entice more youngsters to see their newest movie.

    JFK Tolkien tried to claim Emma Watson was forced to leave Brown University due to bullying, as if students at such a fine institution would do such childish things. They claimed she moved to liberal West Hollywood and the phallic worshping UCLA campus to escape the harsh people of the East Coast. Well guess what? Lies!

    Emma Watson apparently moved to Hollywood to be closer to flesh chest magicians! Look at the magic orb milks!

    The testosterone induction this spell has cast even caused the brow hair of Harry Potter to increase. Look at how thick those eyebrows are, just like a lizard lick horndog towing cavemen of lore! He’s filling up with sinsauce and her chest juggles is tempting him into sin. What hope do other young men have. Whoredemon harpy witchcraft.

    This is all more proof of why we must ban JRK Tolkien’s books to burn in hell and no Harry Potter movies this winter!

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