• Former Miss Nevada Juliette Kimoto Scams Thousands of Americans, Beauty Queen Online Dietary Supplement Fraud Scammer

    October 19, 2011 9:00 pm 1 comment
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  • Juliette Kimoto was announced as crowned Mrs. Nevada in 2006. Her grace, beauty and elegance had many convinced that this stunning young woman would be a great ambassador for pageantry and a great role-model for teenaged girls nationwide. Blone and with a Japanese last name, the beautiful Nevada born and bred young woman had been married to her childhood sweetheart for over 12 years.

    In addition to that, she was a mother of six, was a part of her church and volunteered to help at risk teens. There was one other small detail. Juliette Kimoto was allegedly part of an online dietary supplement scandal that robbed tens of thousands people of money over $30 million.

    You can read about the saucy details of Juliette Kimoto here, but the main thing to realize is that we should ban beauty pagaents.  All the women do is flash flesh and scheme everyone.  These pageants are pointless, barbaric and demeaning to women.  They distract women from their home duty and that’s why I support the feminists in shutting all this pageant nonsense down.

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