• Fox News’ Juan Williams Talks Being Fired from NPR

    October 8, 2011 6:01 am 9 comments
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  • One of the growing concerns in media today is the continuing manipulations of reality by left wing pundits. Media is to be a place of social discourse and debate, not of one-sided views. While people like Jon Steward and Stephen Colbert have the raunchiest of jokes praised, heaven forbid if a Conservative makes a joke. It is taken as a great offense and all sorts of inappropriate labels are freely lobbed from vile accusers.

    Juan Williams may be one of the most famous victims of biased media. He simply used his Constitutional right to speak his mind on National Public Radio, a supposedly non-partisan organization that gets all sorts of financial breaks. Williams did not fall in line with their hypocratic liberalism and was canned.

    As we know, the rest is history. Fox News presents fair and balanced news, much like this news community where we keep our media ruled by values, morality and conservatism.

    What sort of free press can their be if people are having their first ammendment rights blatantly violated?

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