• Gang Rapper Soulja Boy Arrested for Pot in Temple, Georgia

    October 18, 2011 11:48 am 2 comments
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  • Hip hopper gangsta rapper Soulja Boy has been locked up by the good old boys down in Temple, Georgia. I wish I were warden in Carroll County Jail, because I would make this ‘soulja’ walk the chalk or get lined in chalk!

    What a great day it is whenever we find out more of these little gangsters are locked up behind bars. I wish I could see the stats, because for every one rapper we lock up I bet crimes in America drop by a good 3%. Carroll County is doing America a great service by keeping another prowling black off the street.

    Police in Temple, Georgia, claim that Soulja Boy allegedly had a ‘substantial amount’ of weed on his person. He also naturally had guns and unearned $70,000 cash, all found in his bad-credit leased Escalade as he sped along I-20 outside Atlanta, Georgia. Like most criminal blacks can be found trying to blend into natural surroundings, Soulja Boy was found at 3:15 am.

    Was he up trying to work in the Emergency Room of his hospital, maybe helping people like a good doctor or social worker in the middle of the night? Wrong! He was getting busted being a typical street black.

    When was the last time you saw this type of people having $70,000 on their person? I’m guessing everyone out there raised their hands and said “No!”

    Now some liberals out there will try to say my journalism is biased in this article, but are you doing to take my word or someone busted for ludocrous music, guns and stolen money! It’s how they roll in the hood, do you dig homie boys? Stop your crying and know that good old Bubba is going to have a warm bed in Temple, Georgia tonight!

    What’s ironic is that a movie DVD named Soulja Boy – The Movie is being released today. Hopefully all of this capturing isn’t some sort of ponzi scheme to trick us all into reporting him and increasing his awareness for profit! If so, I’ll unleash a prayer and make this boy wish he had never unleashed his evil raps in my country!

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