• SNL Gay Agenda: One Million Moms Protest Ben and Jerry’s Schweddy Balls Ice Cream

    October 21, 2011 5:14 am 9 comments
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  • Gay Agenda lobbies Ben and Jerry’s to create Schweddy Balls ice cream, One Million Mom’s protest this newest mastermove by the Gay Agenda.

    Saturday Night’s Live was originally the name of a seedy homosexual beatnik clup in New York. During the 1960s, the club reached the height of its fame when one of its frequenters, a man named Lorn, created a street drug named Purple Haze, a crude mixture of LSD, PCP and artificial grape flavorings.

    As the club’s frequenters slowly began to loose their minds, they created a ‘staging area’ where their lusty ideas for one another could be performed by actors on the weekends. On every Sunday, ideas for a new show were placed in an idea box and the actors would create ‘raunchy skits with little humor value’, as one early critic put it. As Lorn saw the popularity of his ‘Saturday Night Live’ grow, he naturally contacted his then friends on various Hollywood television networks and they made the show, and secretly its drugs, nationally available.

    Over 25 years later, America still suffers from drug problems and addiction to unfunny shows airing late at night. Saturday Night Live made a very raunchy skit with little humor value named Scheweddy Balls, a play on the word ‘sweaty balls’ which is a flesh act that all gays regularly perform on one another, usually after working out in the gym. It’s said that ‘sweaty balls’ are like a catnip for gays, sending them clawing around and arching their backs, just hoping to be overtaken by some gay predator on the prowl.

    This ice cream represents this act by gays and is being placed in a family-fun sized Ben and Jerry’s pint, so our pint sized sons and daughters can have their first true taste of the Gay Agenda. We warned that gays were using ice cream to get their gross, perverted milky agenda into the bellies of our children years ago and we can see the proof is in the pudding.

    Thankfully, Susan B. and Blanche Beecham have diligently worked and helped rally the One Million Mom’s group to protest this ice cream from showing up on store shelves. Every store where we can prvent this Schweddy Balls ice cream, the safer this country will be from gays. And the less gays we have, the more prosperous this great nation will be.

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