• Gays Now Rallying for the Destruction of Israel

    October 7, 2011 6:52 am 3 comments
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  • A non-surpristing turn witness in the Muslim gay movement today, as homosexuals throughout the Arab regions and America rally to support Palestine and the destruction of Israel.

    Organizing under the banner of ‘Purple Jihad”, terror cells of homosexuals have been reported from Afghanistan, to Europe and all throughout the Americas.  Their agenda is one:  bring an end to Israel.

    Mahmoud al-Jahiri, a member of the Purple Jihad movement posted on his Twitter:

    “The day comes when Israel will cower and tremble with their American dog aggressors.  All will accept Islam or be purged.”

    Gays have long hated Israel, due to the Jewish people writing the Old Testament of the Bible and providing some of the most startling revelations of the fate that await the gays, a people so offensive they cause the belly of God to grumble with disgust.

    The homosexual community is in violation of the Geneva convention for calling an end to Israel via destruction.  US Homeland Security officials did not return a progress report of tracked Homegrown Purple Jihad cells at time of report, though Washington insiders report activity has been tracked to over 11 states.

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