• God Smashes Nazi Germany ROSAT Satellite from Sky

    October 1, 2011 2:12 am 23 comments
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  • The Nazi Germans launched the ROSAT spy satellite in the late 1990s, so as to spy on America and her allies. Like most European nations, the Germans are jealous of America’s great power and seek revenge on us thwarting their world domination plans.

    There used to be a time when Europe was grateful and submissive, as natural order dictates them to be. Europe is a society of lesser countries, unable to defend itself from corruption, much less hold off Asian aggression from the likes of the terrorists, the Soviets, the Japanese and worst of all, the Sleeping Dragon of Communist China.

    For this reason, America was given charge of Earth after World War II but the Nazis could not sleep well at night. They have tried a sleight of hand and placed a woman in charge, a woman named Angela Merkel. And it’s been under her watch that the ROSAT spy satellite has flown high over America, spying on us for Satan’s new Western empire of transgression, the European Union.

    There is a series of books called Left Behind, by Tim LaHaye. The books detail how America is God’s final nation, the nation who shall defend the Israeli Jews at Megiddo, while the European Union becomes a One World government ruled by Nicholai Carpathia. The antichrist will make secret pacts with the Asians (all of the, the Soviets, the terrorists, the Chinese) and try to combine to wipe America out.

    New US ReportsNew US Military reports detail the ROSAT satellite, a mysterious enigma box that weighs an estimated 6 tons, is comprised of an alien-stealth like material and to date has not been targettable by conventional US laser weapons suddenly entered a death plunge, much like an annoying fly when it is swatted by a whetted towel. The satellites death plunge puts it on an expected trajectory toward Area 51, a further sign that God is swatting this Nazi EU trash for space and placing it at America’s doorstep for inspection.

    It is no secret that Satan is a master musician and scientist, understanding how harmonic nodes and resonance can be used to create superweapons. Satan showed his penchant for war when he helped the Germans defy America during World War II, but we see his 3rd grade science projects were no match with the Nobel Peace Prize calibre nuclear might God taught to America’s scientists.

    And again, Satan has helped the Europeans. Do you really think that a money called the Euro and all the disorganized chaos represented by the EU is of heaven? No. The EU is Satanic and the Nazi ROSAT satellite is just another trinket in Germany’s long-line of ‘miracle demon tech’.

    The EU is running scared. With their prize satellite falling from the sky, they now know that just like in World War II, America will be blessed soon with another superweapon that will allow us to spy on them even better and then wipe them out at will.

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