• God Strikes New York Gay Marriage Church with Lightning!

    October 16, 2011 7:10 pm 16 comments

    Prepare to behold the power of God, America.

    As you know, New York decided that it would be alright to violate federal law and rebel against Biblical authority by allowing gay’s to enjoy the confines of marriage. New York made a law that violates the Federal Marriage Act that makes being a married gay illegal.

    God’s response was swift. He brewed up a mighty hurricane and slung it through New York, causing billions of dollars of destruction and unprecedented calamity. But New York’s heart is hardened with the crusts of gay fecal must. Their minds are swimming with thoughts of sugar-plummed anal sins and as winter approaches, beware, New York! For God is going to freeze you this winter and knock your power out, so the only warmth you’ll have to look forward to is the eternal flames of hell you sick fecal fandango intestinal ferret sinners!

    Yesterday, on Long Island a church proudly announced that it married the two oldest gay people in New York. It was sick. The men should have been great grandfathers, but were instead playing polident in the backside with each other.

    God’s anger was so riled that he did this!

    Not even the giant red Satanic storm in Jupiter gets this big! The ‘church’ has been obliterated my friends and make my word, this is a very light fate compared to what ultimately await every gay beast who refuses to be normal by repenting. Let’s get right, America, lest God unleashes more wrath upon us.

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