• GOP Wants The United States Government to Give Libya Billions of Dollars

    October 22, 2011 5:07 am Comments Off
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    Jerry Cohen

    Hold the presses.  We manage to knock off Gaddafi and free the Libyan people for only $2 billion dollars, in a war the Congressional Republicans bitched about and cried about, saying it would cost way too much money.  But it cost far less than Iraq and Afghanistan, and not only that, it only took two months.

    And after all the ways Obama was chastized for this war, today I’m watching Fox News and see the same knotheaded blowhards who did not want to help Libya saying America should now give them billions of dollars?

    I wish I were making this up.

    Do not get me wrong.  I’m a fiscal Republican and my viewpoints are often more ‘right than left’, if a side must be picked.  By I’m politicaly ambidextrous and can see the Hypocrite’s BS train cho chooing from miles away.  My eyes must still be laden with sleep, because this just cannot be.  Oh, wait, it can:

    Used car salesman and alleged Senator John Mccain started the pitch yesterday:  “They are willing to pay us back!  We must open our wallets to Libya.”

    In America, where people are going without healthcare, we’re in an economic crisis and we have to cut back on federal jobs, state jobs and have children starving, our infrastructure is falling apart and we really have money to loan out, Mccain?  If we have money to loan out, why not loan it out to a family being evicted from their home because Daddy’s job just had to make cuts again.  This is the exact type of crap that makes me wish it were still in fashion to walk up to a grown man, slap him with a white glove and challenge him to a duel.

    Because only a yokel who strums dueling banjos in the backwaters of Mississippi would be idiotic enough to not see what’s going on here.  McCain and his little cronies are getting a big bulge in their pants because Libya is rich in oil.  These fat necked oil bastards want US money contracted to Libya so the Halliburton’s of the world can move in for free, funneling billions of dollars to the GOP.

    That’s not Democracy, that’s the setup for an oligarchy.  You know, when businesses run political parties more than they do now.

    You would think this was a comedy routine, check out this video:

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