• Hannah Montana Star Mitchel Musso Busted for DUI

    October 17, 2011 10:38 pm 5 comments

    Hannah Montana was the story of an jezebel who decided a life of drinking alcohol and partying in Hollywood with her friends with worth destroying the marriage of her loving, Christian parents and leading millions of young women done the fishy trail of lesbianism.

    With those facts, it’s no surprise that Hannah Montana star Mitchel Musso has been busted for a DUI. Being around the themes of this show for so long has eroded the morality of the cast, much as seen in all the actors who took place in Tolkien’s Harry Potter movie series.

    According to law enforcement, Musso blew a .08 after his 2007 black Mercedes Benz was pulled over. Such results are shocking to Los Angeles law officials, were young men not exposed to immoral shows tend not to drink underage and seldom drive under the influence of alcohol.

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