• Herman Cain Abortion Comments May Hurt His Campaign

    October 20, 2011 9:07 pm 2 comments
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    Herman Cain abortion comments may cost him GOP nomination.

    WASHINGTON – Republican Presidential candidate Herman Cain abortion comments have the GOP upset.  Herman Cain stated that he is ‘anti-abortion’ but that he believes it is ‘not the government’s role…to make that decision’.  In a round about way, Herman Cain is flip-flopping worse than a floundering John Kerry thrown out his swiftboat and is trying to support abortion.

    If Cain is supporting abortion, he’s essentially no different than Obama.  Worthless and anti-American.  Bob Vander Plaats stated this is a  ‘pro-choice position’ and he is absolutely right.  Vander Plaats is a conservative leader in Iowa and his opinion matches millions of other Americans who support life.

    Vander Plaats continued, ‘It’s not where we’re at on the issue and it’s not where a lot of caucus-goers are at on the life issue. They believe Roe v. Wade should be overturned.’

    Cain later tried to recant his statement and say he thought the first question meant “Will you force people to have abortions as president”, which was clearly not asked.  Herman Cain is pro-abortion, friends.

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