• Herman Cain – Spelling Champion. Can He Spell Iraq? “YES HE CAN”!

    October 27, 2011 2:19 pm 18 comments

    Like A Boss

    I am a black man. I vote democrat. I like grape drank, fried chicken, food stamps and Bill Clinton. Well as far as Honkeys go, Bill is the shiz. You would expect a African Prince like myself to watch MSNBC for my news updates. But as far as I care MSNBC’s racist crackers and towel headed terrorists can kiss my black @$$.

    As many of you may have read in my recent article…oh wait…that’s right. You crackers and honkeys don’t read my articles cause I am Black. Well F ya’ll too. But for the 35 of you that shared my article on Herman Cain may remember, there is a REAL black man running for President. Not a little mixed hybrid raised by some cracker @$$ seniors in the Midwest.

    His Stevie Wonder Impression.

    Herman Cain is a real Black Man. He has a big fat black nose, Raps about pizza, and likes a big phat @$$ on his woman. This brother is black.

    So it is no surprise that many people are scared of him.

    One of those people is a muslim terrorist on MSNBC, named Martin Bashir. Last Friday, between strapping exploding vests to children he asked one of his racist honky guests, “Do you think Herman Cain can spell the word Iraq?”

    What the hell! I know that little camel jockey, sand honkey, didn’t have the nerve to ask that! We are talking about a man that single handedly saved multiple businesses and this hater has the nerve to ask that, about my brother? Cain is a BOSS. A spelling champion!

    Ready for the video? Click it here:


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