• Hugh Jackman in Real Steal, ‘It’s About Believing in Yourself’

    October 3, 2011 3:59 am 9 comments

    Real Steel is the latest, unique movie from Hollywood that features a grizzled up man (Hugh Jackman) who gets in touch with his girly-side to teach a tough lesson to his son and all the other lost children of the world.  That’s one mullet and mascara away from sounding like a Black Veiled Bride CD cover insert.

    Hugh Jackman is in denial, but his purpose in life is to play Wolverine.  He’s short, cranky, has a bad haircut and looks very Canadian.  He grunts when he talks and has a unique penchant for saying, “Bub” with just the right amount of gruff.  If there were a Lifetime Achievement Award for actors who specialize in memorable one-liners, I’d put Jackman’s “Bub” right up there with Keanu Reeve’s “Whoa!”. 

    I’ve been tasked to see the premier of this movie and I gladly skipped it for a round of sodas at Johnny Rocket’s.  I’m guessing I did not miss out on too much.  If I wanted to watch robots help me get in touch with my softer, gentler side, I’d turn on Terminator or the original transformers movie, where Michael Dukakis and Walter Mondale probably laid out some conspiracy with the Soviet Gang of Eight.

    If you like keeping your money and don’t want to end up in a communist bread line, don’t see this movie. It’s a waste and is the type of tripe that’s typifying America mediocrity. That’s to say, force Hollywood to compete and create good movies.

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