• If You Don’t Like What I Said Here, You Can Just Get Out of My Country

    October 21, 2011 4:02 pm 22 comments

    Mexicans, Chinase, Gitmo Terrorist Supporters, Abortion-toking deviled whores, veil wolf turncoats in the Republican party, Barack Hussein Obama, atheists, commie fellating gay marriage enablers, homogays.  I’m sure I’m missing someone.  Oh, chipped shoulder blacks!

    Listen here.  I am sicks and tired of you ruining this country.  This country is named AMERICA and it was founded by my forefathers.  I am tired of playing the liberal PC game.  You whores are pimping out the economy of this nation.  Why are we in a recession.


    I bet you can go to any black home right now and 95% of the time, you will find a herd of children running around and an Obama Momma with hair shot straight up, like the kinked bride of Frankenstein!  Don’t worry, she has plenty of free electricity on the taxpayer’s dollar!

    If that’s not bad enough, Mexicans sneaked here and they cannot even speak the langauge gooder than a baby!  You vile Mexicans keep your border hopping pig swine flu selves home!  We need our own jobs here in America!  I cannot see any construction work done now without seeing a Mexipad!  Why do 20 of you jump out a rusty car at garage sales and buffet dinners!

    Even worse, there are Mexican electricians.  Maybe I can find them some new work, how about stick a fork in the outlet!  You no good Mexican scum try to come here and dictate, but guess what, you have NO RIGHTS!  This is my country and my grandfathers formed it.  If you cannot live with that fact, go back to Hell aka MEXICO!  You Cinco de Mayo bandits trying to pretend the 4th of July si just another day.  Get out!

    Next, Chinese.  I loved when Amber Cooper wrote the 43 million views expose I Am Extremely Terrified of Chinese People, But I Am Not Racist.  You dragonbreath economic villains who run over beautiful toddler children and leave them just to die because they are female!  It makes me wish we would have turned a blind eye to Japan during World War II!  Maybe we should have just nuked Beijing!

    And speaking of nukes, how dare anyone criticize Presiden George W. Bush.  Every sand hovel nation in the Middle East is lucky we didn’t turn their desert home into a nuked mirror factory!  If I were at least president it would be bye bye Libya, Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Africa, Tel Aviv, Ottoman Empire, Aboo Dabby, and any other place that looked suspicious on my Google Maps.  Scortched Earth for you hellmongers terrorists!  I’d even nuke Northern Africa and make Rachel Maddow cry!

    What makes me so upset is how us Americans are peaceful.  We have the ability to strike any nation down, like God swatting but a lowly fly, yet we follow the Godly method and are slow to wrath.  But the Japanese still yet cry, for instance, because we tapped their wrist twice . Don’t you hornet whore monger yellow saki Nazi bent over prostitutes realize you allied with Hitler, killed 3,000 Americans, tortured innocent Chinese and we still didn’t wipe out your main city!  Stop your whinging!

    Turncoats in the Republican Party!  Claiming you’re a Republican and then trying to secretly claim you support abortion.  Trying to hide the fact you twaddle men in the backside.  Not committing to bombing country’s we don’t like into oblivion!  Go to Canada, you war-desping hippies!

    Finally, we get to the atheists.  The atheists who use the gays and abortion-tokers to boost their appeal.  Atheists are the root of all evil.  They have no love of Christ in their heart, so how can they love anyone else.  They do not believe in the soul, so squeal with delight every time a baby is murdered by a feminist mother.  What’s even worse is that gays support fecale transplants into our nation’s children, or else they would help us make gays illegal.

    I’m tired of my country being judged as guilty and I am tired of minorities ruining everything.  This nation was founded with the blood, sweat and tears of Republican Christians who were homeowners of the time.  And don’t forget it.  All of you better start acting more grateful, or just get out.

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