• Illegal Mexicans Turn Monopoly into a Crime

    October 27, 2011 11:42 am 37 comments
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  • We were all Children at one time. We played fun board games and sometimes cheated to make our friends or siblings look dumb. After we grew up, we realized that God didn’t want us to cheat, so we grew up.

    Apparently, A Female woman in Santa Fe, NM didn’t get the memo from God. Laura Chavez beat and stabbed her boyfriend over a game of Monopoly. It almost happened in front of her 10 year old son, but luckily he went to bed first.

    It turns out that Chavez’s boyfriend tried to buy “BoardWalk” and place a Hotel on it at the same turn. We all know that is illegal in Monopoly, but it doesn’t deserve a stabbing or a beating. We also understand that Illegals don’t know how the housing market works, so this may be a victimless crime.

    When Police finally arrived, the boyfriend was bleeding from his head and required 10 staples because his crazy little Chalupa hit him with a wine bottle.

    Laura Chavez did not pass “Go”, and she paid $500 to get out of Jail after being charged with aggravated battery and resisting and assaulting a police officer, among other things.

    Illegal Mexicans can be funny sometimes. What regular Human would get arrested for playing Monopoly?

    Here is a video of Illegals playing Monopoly (I was unable to get the video pertaining to this article, but this video has Mexicans too):

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