• In Obama’s America: Woman Attacked with Frozen Armadillo

    October 20, 2011 3:22 pm 14 comments

    DALLAS — A man used a frozen armadillo to attack a 57-year-old Dallas woman after the two argued about the price he was asking for the armored mammal.
    According to investigators, the altercation occurred Sept. 29 in an apartment complex parking lot as the suspect was selling the carcass to the victim, who planned to eat the animal.

    The pair began arguing over the price and the man twice threw the armadillo at the woman.
    The frozen creature struck the woman in the leg and chest, apparently leaving her with bruises.
    Detectives have been unable to find the man, who could face assault charges.

    In Other Liberal News
    A 12-year-old Pennsylvania schoolgirl who played hooky and came to the city was almost raped after a sicko lured her into a Midtown office building, cops said yesterday.
    The girl first met her attacker on the F train Tuesday morning, and “they started a conversation and he offered to get her a job,” a police source said.
    The man, believed to be Gay and in his 50s, led the girl to an empty office at 28 W. 44th St. at about 5 p.m.
    He pulled a pair of scissors and attempted to rape her, cops said.
    The girl, who was not injured, escaped and alerted police.
    By the time cops got there, the creep had fled through a side exit.


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