• In These Terse Economic Times, Should Authorties Allow the Occupy Wall Street Hippies to form a Radical Political Party

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    Occupy Wall Street Riots American hippies, the radicals behind the turbulent riots of the 1960s and anti-American support of the Soviet Union during the late 70s and 80s has found another ruse to gain prominence in America. The Occupy Wall Street movement is quickly being realized as a threat to American national security, masterminded by extreme liberal radicals bent on destroying American stability and exploiting Obama’s massive bailout wastes and Wall Street’s questionable financial schemas in a bid to gain relevance as a political party. Should the feds move in on these dangerous people and destroy their dangerous movement before it is too late?

    Chaos and destruction were the scene in DC on early Wednesday, as the Occupy Wall Street movement burst into a fiery riot of defiance when authorities investigated allegations of rampant drug use and executive sodomy in the young, jobless crowd.

    Originally thought to be sparked by a hapless gang of New York University dropouts, now known as The Group of 12, the Occupy Wall Street occupation has grown to a massive, thriving riot of over 20,000 roughnecks bent on defying order and authority.  The protesters have greatly jeopardized safety in New York’s Financial District, the vital area of America terrorists tried to destroy on 9/11.

    The groups purpose was initially legal and decent in claim:  unify to voice anger with the US banking and political systems.  But now that the group has garnered national media attention and is attracting other deviants, authorities and watchdog groups are growing concerned.

    Is the Occupy Wall Street movement a calculated ploy by the old Soviet Guard to spark a new communist party in America, only months before Vladmir Putin threatens to retake power in Russia?

    A protester sleeps on a mattress on the ground in Liberty Plaza. The 'Occupy Wall Street' movement has now entered its third week
    Communism Rising in the Heart of American Enterprise The first signs of rebellious communism is the sloven lifestyle found in the hipster and ‘counter-culture’ communities of America. In this image, a protester rests in a commune in Liberty Park. The Occupy Wall Street movement is being filled with ‘Free Love Tents’ and is running rampant with hardcore street drugs like Smack-Um’s LSD and Papa Roach Ganja. Even more disturbing are all the reported acts of kink unable to be policed, due to the violent nature of the crowd. Authorities report the growing ‘village’ in Wall Street is taking on the volatile nature of a commune in the 1960s, the same epoch where America was nearly destroyed by missles from Cuba.

    The Occupy Wall Street movement is quickly forming a three-pronged threat to America lifestyle.  In simplest form, the first threat is the sanitation issue.  The growing community, now the size of a small US city, is offering free housing to those who ‘will turn their bodies over to drugs, free love and rebellion’.  Participants are not being charged for food and do not have access to showers and running water, presenting a musky sanitation issue of rubbed bodies releasing coital issues without bathing serving up food in mid ecstasy, impaired minds and increased risk of plagues.

    Earnest to expose their loins and foray in the deepest pits of human decadence, the young and virile rioters occupying Wall Street are also impressionable. Infused with wild assortments of drugs and engaging in the must lurid delights of Bacchus himself, the rioters are sex-obsessed college students who are the same mindless, ‘revolutionary’ ilk that upset the balance of power in Egypt. These punk radicals have no idea that their movement represents a great danger to America and as they engage in carnal delights, they are paving the way for a thriving Communist Party in America. At least three wall street executives have been lost in the crowd, one near retirement last seen ‘being drawn in a writhing pit of female thighs’.

    As if these proximal threats were not tragic enough, reports show that only three weeks into the riots, fit-bodied liberal college women are reporting incidents of unwanted attacks and pregnancy. 

    Disease is on the rise and it is impossible for authorities to police it.  Half-dozen Wall Street executives have been reported missing, one old near-retired executive the victim of a throbbing riot that grew into a public orgy of unprecedented volume and spastic, furious rubbing.

    At A Glance:  The Occupy Wall Street Riots

    • CDC Reports indicate drastic 34% rise in STD reported at local health clinics
    • Over 3 Wall Street Executives Missing and police reports detailed one victim text revealed evidence of potential reverse sodomizations.
    • 75 cases of contracted pregnancy reported, socioligists fearing the ‘Free Love’ culture of injected drugs and loose legs contributing to the three-week microburst
    • 743 cases of larceny, 17 abductions, 86 counts of communist contraband/weapons, unprecedented drugs, 2 reverse sodomy charges
    • Inciteful speech headlines with fiery Marxist rhetoric and terrorist speeches of intimidation
    • Underaged protesting

    While the charges against the rioters continue to pile up, there is a very real concern that Russia may be masterminding these riots as a means to permanently cripple America’s already wounded economy.

    In 1991, Russian Secretary Mikael Gorbachev finally yielded to American superiority and admitted communism was a failed idea and form of government.

    Scared of losing power and their chance for global domination, Russian conspirators organized a coup d’etat.  The 8 masterminds of what became known as the August Putsch failed in their three day power siege, but were never put to death for treason.

    The Three Musketeers of Marxism, the name given to the top three conspirators, are still alive and well.  There have been mixed reports that these men have been seen intermingling in the riots, having their way with the loose, drug-fueled college women and spreading communism propaganda to the other mindless dolts showing up in the Wall Street locale.

    • Gennadiy Yanayev, Russian KGB spy thought to be masquerading New York as a tourist.  Yanayev is renown for his abilities of speech and manipulating communication technology.
    • Valentin Pavlov, the dangerous Russian behind the Free Economic Society that aims to destroy the dollar and shore-up Russian superiority by issuing Russia’s massive natural gas supplies as an economic marker.
    • Vladimir Kryuchkov, “The Cruncher”, largely thought to be the main mastermind behind the Wall Street riots

    .Star Spangled Banner: One protester in L.A. made use of the national flag to get his point across on Saturday






    Communism and Blended Terror Defacing the American flag is sacrilege, yet protestors rule all their flag burning and sharpie use is showing respect for America. This logic is clearly delusional and reveals potential Soviet brainwashing afflicting the rioters, making it even more prudent for officials to take quick, decisive actions against the radicals in Wall Street.

     Big Trouble in Mini-China

    Republican and Democrat lawmakers are referring to the Wall Street staging area as Little China.  The bandwidth and electricity powering the massive commune is coming from source unknown, but media watchdogs groups estimate some 10^3432 terrabytes of information are being downloaded from ‘communal Starbucks’ that are being mysteriously operated without a fee by the rioters.  Could Russia be behind the funding for this as well?

    Protestors at Occupy Wall Street's media area coordinate news updates on laptop computers powered by a portable gas-powered generator in Manhattan's financial district's Zuccotti Park

    Apple-Styled Commune Kiosk – Officials have still not figured out the power grid or supply of electricity and internet bandwidth for the Wall Street commune.  Officers who went in to investigate were grobbed to the point of molestation and at this point, could not risk opening fire or tear gas on the crowd due to the rampant fires and drug-fueled behavior.  These hippies are seen using one of the numerous ‘computer kiosks’ being set-up in the area.  Most screens are showing rampant kink film, liberal blog postings and music downloads, ironically causing this ‘movement’ to bring more damage to the American economy.

    Lude Signs of Aggressive Soviet-styled Mindbending

    Trap: Protesters are blaming police for tricking them and trapping them on the bridge leading them to believe it was acceptable to occupy the roadway

    Further proof of a Russo-Islamic interest in the New York Wall Street Occupation can be seen in the anger of the crowd and the messages in their signs.  One sign says “End America” while another says “No More Miliary Aid to Israel”, both concepts on the verge of treason. 

    Like most riots, the big media attention has drawn out the big names.  Amanda Knox and Green Veil Brides frontman Billy Biersack were among those arrested.  It’s rumored that Biersack mooned the crowd and tried to perform a throbbing gristle on an unamed Merril Lynch financial adviser, causing Bank of America to angrily respond by citing a $5 penalty for all lowlife cardholders with paltry accounts, all part of the fabled ’99%’ the Wall Street rioters represent.

    A protester on Brooklyn Bridge is arrested during Saturday's march by Occupy Wall Street

    Were leftists behind the miracle appeal of Amanda Knox, trying to give HLN celebrity credo and attention to the riots?  Is the arrest of Knox part of a larger emotional campaign for the WS radicals, a form of matrydom unknown?

    A protester looks up at police officers as he is arrested on the Brooklyn Bridge

    Billy Biersack and many others forced police to arrest them.  Is McCarthyism a measure that needs to be incited before these riots result in a government overthrow as seen in Libya and Egypt?  Is America next?

    New age Marxvilles, mini-versions of the massive commune in New York, are spreading through America.



    Occupy Denver


    Occupy Seattle

    Anger is the central theme to the riots.  With so much violence and fire, the city of New York must be ready for the worst.  Other major cities are seeing a rise in non-passive reisistance and libraries nationwide report outages of the Communist Manifesto.

    A man wears a U.S. flag bandana across his face as hundreds of people converge on Boston Common

    Angry man wears ripped down flag over face and threatens an ominious “Wall ST, We’re Watchin’”.

    Bold statement: A protester wears some eye-catching garb as he demonstrates in Los Angeles

    Ravers are naturally without work and comprising a big part of the riot scene.  Here we see another musician, “Uncle Sammy”, the mask-wearing, demonic bassist for My Chemically Romance takes a sign in hand that reads Save Me From Myself.  Such a nasty statement is a subtle invite to other nations to plan to have their armies attack America, as if Americans are somehow being oppressed.  These rioters are trying to send subliminal messages to worldwise media that a terrifying event will take place in America, where foreign armies will be allowed unto American soil.

    America, we must be careful.  The youth of America are ignorant and indulgent.  They see the riots as an excuse to say they are doing something with meaning, but the only thing they are doing is bringing great danger to our country.

    The Wall Street movement threatens to form an organized political party, one that will have a voice and is already preaching Marxism, drug legalization, public orgies, homosexual deviances and treason by inviting foreign armies to invade America.

    Police must be allowed to use aggressive force.  Tear gas, German Shepards and rubber bullets.  The US military must be deployed to contain these crowds and arrest them for this illegal occupation of vital American ground during these terse economic times.  We must stop out these ‘protestors’ before Vladmir Putin or whoever else is masterminding this communist conspiracy can deliver the death blow to Democracy.





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