• Is Beyonce Faking Her Pregnancy

    October 11, 2011 8:39 am 8 comments
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  • Hip-hop mogul J.Z. Carter and his wife Beyonce Knowles. Is there another Jerry Springer moment coming for a black family because the Baby Momma is lying?

    New potential proof that another black mother has lied and is tricking a black man with pregnancy has come to surface this week, all after it’s been revealed that exposing thigh singer Beyonce Knowles may be wearing a prosthetic belly.

    We all know 78% of blacks of scandals during marriages, leading to all types of emotional outburts, DNA tests and denial of baby-daddy status dances tv show Maury Povic. But can these scandals reach even the highest echelons of Black Hollywood Hills?

    According to this following evidence, the answer is yes.

    Is Beyoncé Actually Pregnant?

    This all happened on a show called Sunday Night HD.  Beyonce’s belly seemed to double at an impossible angle for a baby, unless she is giving birth to the Elastic Man.  Is this really a pregnancy conspiracy, maybe waiting for a cerrated mother to give the real births?  A black scandal because it’s going to be halfrican baby and marriage betrayals on ground zero birthday?

    Only time will tell, good readers.

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