• Is Israel’s Ynet News in English America’s New Hope for Ridding Obama in 2012?

    October 18, 2011 7:55 am 8 comments

    Ynet News is a great news site from Israel that can help America get Obama out of office and place an aggressive, bold Republican in office who will declare war on Iran in 2012

    It is no secret that Obama’s Administration has made every effort to make alliances with Iran and its dangerous leader Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.  Iran’s chief agenda is not alliances, but rather the destruction of Israel, the land America is fated to stand and protect during the end of days.

    Today, Arabs conspire to harness America’s nuclear secrets for themselves, giving them the power to obliterate the holy lands of Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Washington, DC.  Only last week, an Iranian terror plot to kill the ambassador from Saudi Arabia and unleash an ‘endless’ series of attacks in American public places was foiled by President Bush’s legacy Homeland Security Administration.

    Ynet News is an accurate and great resource  to help us consistently track the dangers of the Arab world.  As we warn and encourage Americans to be terrified of the non-Judeo-Christian Arab world, we can weaken Obama’s sheisty attempts at makign it seem he has saved America’s economic woes with this ‘Jobs Bill’ and that is the only issue that we have to worry about.

    The new threat is Iran.  Iran is the greatest threat to America right now, even moreso than the Chinese dragon that’s still not fully awake.  When America must finally face China head-to-head, we must not have nations like Iran kicking in assistance  with terror attacks being called in by the “Revolutionary Guard”, corrupt imams and most dangerous of all, the war criminal Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

    Friends, we must beware that Iran is building up a deadly arsenal of weapons.  They are attempting to grab a power that was only meant for America.  If they obtain it, they will use it as quickly as possible to destroy any nation of morality and good, such as our friends in Israel.

    It is for this reason that we must get Obama out of office.  Liberals are delusional when it comes to the economy, but what they do understand is fear.  We must terrify them with stories about how Iran can recruit a terrorist in their neighborhood, peering from his window and watching their kids get home from the school bus.  Plotting the time when families tend to go out to eat or to the mall, understanding where crowds meet.  Then blammo!  Homegrown terrorist attacks will be reported across the news, an unsuspecting suburban neighborhood the victim of Madhmoud Ahmadinejad’s  terror.

    And when liberals say that’s overreacting, you just show them this story that happened only one week ago!  Just the existance of it is almost throwing us into another World War.   We almost had an American food court in Washington, DC, terror attacked on week ago.

    Thousands of Americans would have died a few blocks from their home, at the hands of Iran.


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