• Is Richard Simmons Sick, Why Does Richard Simmons Look Sick?

    October 11, 2011 4:28 am 9 comments

    Richard Simmons is a world renown health guru who has helped many overweight women look better for their husbands.  After an apperance yesterday, many people have asked if Richard Simmons is sick.  Why does Richard Simmons look sick?

    As far as we know, Richard Simmons is in very good health.  If he looks sick since the last time you saw him, perhaps the first question to ask yourself is when was the last time you saw Richard Simmons?  You know, age can make people look a little bit different.

    Milton Teagle Simmons was born in 1948 in the state of Louisiana.  After graduating from college and living in New York, Simmons moved to Los Angeles where he was not impressed with the fitness centers that focused on fit, firm people making themseves fitter and firmer.  Simm0ns had been overweight since childhood and realized the need for a gym where overweight people could learn lifestyle habits and exercise needed to lose weight and maintain weight loss.

    The rest is history and Simmons is known as a high-energy, personable trainer and inspirer with questionable sexuality.  Through his work, Simmons has helped people lose an estimated 12,000,000 pounds.  Say what you will about him, but that contribution to humanity and a fattening America is admirable and much appreciated.


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